20 June, 2011

Days Of Our Lives

I got word that Days Of Our Lives will be premiering in the US on June 27, 8pm (20:00) EST. I'm really excited to tune in but I'm also impatient, so I caught both parts on Youtube (the poster was extraordinarily gracious).

Being a Freddie fan, I actually really like that it wasn't essentially The Freddie Mercury Show. But I would have liked to see more archived interviews with John (by the way, the dust jacket on the book by Mark Blake doesn't even fucking mention him. WTF, Mark??!!). Although I'm willing to bet that he didn't really do a lot of interviews. Sad. I won't spoil anything, but there was a small part where a bunch of fans were singing Killer Queen and it reminded me that Queen fans were my first community... or at least a sense of not being totally alone (a mixture of pre-teen angst and being queer and growing up in the Midwest). Granted, I don't like a lot of them and as a result, I come off as a sanctimonious prick, but the first ones I met on OIQFC still make me smile, even if I haven't talked to many of them in years. Good times!

What was really strange, after I finished the last part of the documentary, I turned on my favorite radio station just in time for A Kind Of Magic to start playing! It was weird and awesome!

Peter "Ratty" Hince has a book publishing in October this year. I'm not sure if I'll buy it (right away), but it's pretty exciting. Also, I caught Thomas Crane's performance of Radio Ga Ga a couple days ago, and I laughed so hard when one of the judges was surprised that Thomas was doing "something phallic" with the mic. Because Freddie Mercury would NEVER have done such a thing!

Maybe those are all just coincidences...

Oh shit (00:14).

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