21 July, 2011

What happens when I click #Freddie Mercury on Tumblr

I used to think I was a huge Freddie fan, but I think Tumblr has proven me wrong. Upon seeing these posts, my response has ranged from, "meh" to "Jesus fucking balls! This person really likes Freddie!"

This post was a bit disturbing...

Someone on this person's Facebook wall listed a song they didn't like by Justin Bieber titled 'Somebody To Love' because (at least call it something else so your[sic] not tarnishing the great name of Freddie Mercury and Queen) This person on Tumblr responded: WHAT IS THIS SOMEBODY TO LOVE BUSINESS. DID HE. DID HE REALLY. I WILL SKIN HIM. AND THEN POUR SALT ON WHATS[sic] LEFT OF HIS BODY. HOW DARE HE DISRESPECT FREDDIE. How DARE he!!

From Wikipedia:

"Somebody to Love" (Queen song)
"Somebody to Love" (Jefferson Airplane song)
"Somebody to Love" (Leighton Meester song)
"Somebody to Love" (Justin Bieber song)
Somebody to Love (Big Bang song)
Somebody to Love, a 1994 film starring Rosie Perez
"Somebody to Love" (That '70s Show episode), an episode of That '70s Show
"Somebody to Love" (30 Rock), an episode of 30 Rock
"Everybody Needs Somebody to Love", a song by Solomon Burke
"Somebody to Love", a bonus track on Nelly Furtado's album Loose

... Yeah. I don't get people sometimes... I'm not a whiz at copyright law, but I'm pretty sure song titles can't be copyrighted.

"A title cannot be protected under copyright law, and there are many songs with the same or very similar titles. Titles can occasionally be protected by trademark law when the title can be proven to be directly identified with a product or organization." - PD Info

But yeah. Tumblr is a pretty amazing thing.

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