11 August, 2011

Life goes on and on and on

I meant to do a post on the 9th about Queen's last concert performance with Freddie 25 years ago, but so much shit has been going on for me and the only thing I've managed to keep on top of is listening to Adele (who is amazing and gorgeous and OM fucking G!! Yay for hot musicians who don't weigh less than 100 pounds!) and angsting out on Livejournal. Sorry about that.

Anyway. I've also been on the hunt for the perfect birthday card for my counterpart because her birthday is TOMORROW!! and she's turning 25 TOMORROW!! (we met when we were 12) and Hallmark doesn't fucking make cards for Queen soulmates! She once told me that I should sing Happy Birthday to her Freddie-style. She got so spoiled from that one time Gregory Finsley sang to her and I cannot compete with that!

So Audrey, if you're reading: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are wonderful and I'm super grateful to have you in the world and obsess over Queen with me!


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