26 January, 2012

Something I wrote last night

My girlfriend is British, but she's only just really taken an interest in the band Queen. She thinks my adoration over Freddie Mercury is adorable. Every time she says it, I keep warning her that she really has no clue how serious I am as a fan. I haven't even shown her the part of my collection that's kept in my closet until I can get a proper shelf for it!

We watched the video to Bohemian Rhapsody on Youtube, and afterward she exclaimed, "Oh! That explains that poster you have hung up next to your kitchen door!"

My head reeled for a moment. Maybe it's because that song and video were such huge staples in my childhood, but I assumed the image of the band - their faces peaking out of a black background in a diamond pattern, based on a photo of Marlene Dietrich and taken by Mick Rock - was common knowledge and probably talked about in grade schools right next to basic arithmetic.

We're in the process of teaching each other about the things we love. She's introducing me to Doctor Who and food that isn't prepared simply by microwaving it. I'm introducing her to the greatest band on the planet.

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