16 January, 2012

Q&A on Tumblr

Q: "what is your favorite freddie era and WHYYYY!" - my counterpart

A: Ooh, good one!

Probably the early 80’s? I want to say it seems like he had a better handle on his shit in terms of stage presence. Like sometimes I’ll look at his performances from the 70’s and I think he looked like he was being too careful and reserved - either out of self-consciousness, a need to show the critics that he was serious, or because of the high heeled boots. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m just glad he switched from heels and ballet flats to practical footwear with a bit more tread :-P


Q: "What's your favorite Queen album, and why? :)" - mothermercuryy

A: Queen II is my absolute favorite. For me, a fun thing to do is listen to it all the way through on an obnoxiously high volume because it’s just so full and big and amazing.


Q: "Hi, i love you url! Can you tell me what first song that makes you REALLY like queen? :)" - freddiebulsara

A: The first song that popped in my head without thinking about it was Don’t Stop Me Now. I know it’s not really cool to be a hardcore fan and love a track that couldn’t be called obscure by comparison, but I think it captures everything I really like about Queen. It’s a catchy melody, the harmonies are spot on, the guitar solo is SO AMAZING! It’s just dfklgjsdelgjs;dlfjgsdf;ljgdslsd;l…. I’m sorry, what were we talking about?


Q: "You said you wanted to talk so... Let's talk! What year(s) do you think Silver Salmon is *really* from?" - queenruinedmylife

A: Oh hot damn! You are an angel!

It sounds like it’s from the Queen I recording sessions to me. It most definitely has an early 70’s sound, and Queen I does represent what the band sounded like for the first three years… so yeah.

Now a bigger question that will probably never be answered: Why the fuck didn’t they do a studio recording of Hangman?!?!


Q: "Dragon Attack or Death on Two Legs???" - the12thdrbetterbeginger912

A: I honestly have no idea. Both are really raw and intense in their own ways - literally and metaphorically. I love Freddie’s ferocity and righteous anger in Death On Two Legs, and how he doesn’t apologize for it in the least.

Dragon Attack has a very wonderful, raw sound to it. At this point I might say I prefer this song just for the instrumental track. The drums are very clear and sharp, Brian wrote and recorded the guitar solo while drunk (see Mark Blake’s book), John’s bass playing here is almost as amazing as it is on A Day At The Races in terms of style and flair… Like, he’s always amazing. But he’s just in the background doing his “I’m just going to play the notes to blend in with the rhythm guitar section” thing, but then he plucks a few different notes, and even if they’re ridiculously simple, it’s still a definitive moment in the song for me. So yeah. I guess I’m in favor of Dragon Attack :-)


Q: "I think that Queen II is Queen's most amazing album. Which song do you like the best on that album and why? I think that the March of the Black Queen is the best song but White Queen and Ogre Battle are incredible as well." - belladonicbreeze

A: Queen II is my favorite album! I don’t know if I can pick just one song from it… Uh… at random I just thought of The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke.


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