05 January, 2012

That Guy's girlfriend rocks

My girlfriend (yeah, I'm surprised too) went on holiday to Manchester and London, England to visit family and sight-see from the end of December and just got back yesterday. When planning her trip, she asked me if I wanted anything. I told her that if she could find me a Sixpence, that would be really awesome, but no pressure. I felt stupid explaining to her why I would want something like that (Brian May used to use one as a guitar pick), but she told me she'd see what she could do. Sure enough, we're meeting a friend of hers for drinks and she presents us with souvenirs. I pull out a T-shirt with a distressed Underground logo and it's actually pretty cool! So I thank her and she said to look in the bag again. It looked like a laminated card from the back, and I turn it over to see that it's a Sixpence from 1963!!!

You guys. Omg, you don't even know! Well, if you're a Queen fan, I guess you do know. It's so bizarre for me to have romantic and casual partners who are not annoyed or threatened by my love of Queen (I've taken to telling people that I'm in a polyamorous and asexual relationship with their music). Even more bizarre, my girlfriend hails from England but doesn't have a trace of Queen on her iPod. I told her she was betraying her country.

My then-partner bought me the 18" Freddie Mercury action figure for Christmas 2006, and that was pretty awesome. Until he got annoyed that I was playing with it and ignoring him... and then his dad accidentally knocked it over and broke the microphone... And then I ended up having to leave it behind when I was unceremoniously thrown out of my then-apartment by a roommate whose name wasn't even on the damn lease (LONG story).

I miss the fuck out of that action figure, but I'm sure I will be able to buy another one someday. My ex has done things that I'm not ready to forgive, but it means the world to me that he bought it for me. But I'm much more appreciative of this Sixpence. Until I get a proper shelf to display all my Queen stuff, I'm going to keep it in the box that houses my mini Red Special. It seems very appropriate for the time being.

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