28 March, 2012

Nothing really matters

I always feel a bit guilty when I go long periods of time without posting. Maybe in the near future I'll make a review post to take up space...

Queen Extravaganza, I'm happy to say, will be playing in Boston on June 11th at the House of Blues. I invited my counterpart since they don't seem to be stopping in New York City, but sadly she has something going on that day. At this point it's difficult for me to be excited for too long due to circumstances not totally within my control, but that with the combination of seeing Gunpowder Gelatine on Saturday is pretty awesome. I'll sadly be going by myself, but I'm determined to have a good time. Maybe I'll make new friends and connections!

My girlfriend continues to be awesome. I am steadily turning her into a Queen fan. We watched most of part one of Days Of Our Lives about a week ago, and then on a car trip the next day, she asked me to play some Queen for her. I was like, "Yes! Planting the seed, planting the seed..." I played her News Of The World because I think it's a really awesome starting album if you're going to delve into any of the non-hits. Speaking of...

My cousin pointed out an episode of Family Guy focusing on that album cover. I used to watch the show pretty regularly when I had cable and needed something stupid to distract me from the weight of social justice issues I care about, but with that show it's really difficult to ignore when some of its so-called "humor" (and "you're being overly sensitive/stupid" response to people's valid, negative reactions) hits way too close to home. But apart from the really fucking bad taste in my mouth, the episode called Killer Queen was underwhelming in general. Also Killer Queen isn't even on NOTW so that was also bothering me.

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