22 April, 2012

Shrine rebuilding

Today I scored a bookshelf on craigslist for $15. Thankfully, my girlfriend was willing and able to help me pick it up despite having low blood sugar, and that involved more skill than I had anticipated. Not that it weighs a ton or has ridiculous dimensions, but if I had to move anytime soon I would sob at the idea of having to lug that thing again.

Anyway, the point is I can start rebuilding my shrine! I've even moved my posters because I'd rather have most of my Queen stuff all concentrated to one area rather than my entire apartment. Although I'll have to do some more shifting when I get my portraits from my father's house someday...

Everything's really sparse at the moment, but finally having a place to put my things is a massive relief. My bedroom closet was not a suitable place for my mini Red Special, for instance.

I cannot wait to add bits and pieces!!

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