30 October, 2012

For fuck sake

This is regarding the use of the N word in the track, The March Of The Black Queen. I'm not saying that this isn't a good song (it fucking rocks), or that people shouldn't listen to and enjoy it (I don't want to know anyone who wouldn't!), but Freddie using that word was wrong.

Oh humor me, what is the meaning of the song that makes you so sure Freddie was being racist? And think this, if Freddie had used the 'mother fucker' in his song, would you have considered that he was talking about somebody who fucked a mother? And why (or why not?) - serenadeyoursilence

Freddie using the N word was racist. Context and intention aren’t necessary to keep racism thriving.

Obviously I can’t convince you that this kind of shit is problematic. Conversely, you can’t convince me that words that harm and oppress minorities are completely innocuous. Stalemate. We’re done here.

- That Guy Who Really Likes Queen And Doesn’t Need To Come Up With Irrelevant Hypotheticals To Derail The Issue At Hand And Justify His Ignorance And Bigotry


It's not at all my intention to turn this into a social justice blog. Although since I'm big on social justice (liberal, intersectional feminist, and proud of it), it's only inevitable that sometimes my critical thinking will intersect with this blog. Queen's music means the whole world to me, but it is in no way sacred. If you want to disagree with me, that's fine, but please don't waste my time and energy with mental acrobatics to defend using racial slurs and other hate speech.

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