19 January, 2013

And shake the foundations from the sky


You guys.



I started with the DVD because I was most looking forward to the documentary. I was hoping it would go into detail with every track, but this was sadly not the case. It was pretty much the same footage from The Great Pretender. And it's not that it was bad footage, I was just hoping that it was merely scratching the surface and giving us fans something to really visually look forward to with Barcelona.

The CDs failed to disappoint, though! I put both the proper album and the instrumental version on my iTunes and played them through my headphones. Obviously I adore the original version to the moon and back, but I can't pretend all the genuine orchestral instruments don't blow my mind. Jim Beach said all the arrangements done for 2012 were faithful, and I had some reservations, but the man speaks the truth. There are even some added touches, like a koto in La Japonaise and a wave/church organ in The Golden Boy. Rufus Taylor (Roger's son) replaced all the machines with actual drumming, and John Deacon's bass is left in in How Can I Go On.

I think my favorite thing so far is that the orchestra also tinkered with Exercises In Free Love so that it sounds a bit more separate from Ensueno. I heard the original some years back and was impressed with it, but in its new incarnation it's so gorgeous and moving that I come close to crying every time I hear it. Not that I'm "too manly" to cry, but it doesn't come very easily to me.

Also! You guys! The orchestra actually performs Overture Piccante!!! You have no idea how badly I'd love to see this entire album performed live (obviously with Freddie appearing via video)! JIM BEACH, MAKE THAT SHIT HAPPEN!

SO glad I was able to make this purchase! Here's a really cute picture of Freddie and Montserrat!

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