02 January, 2013

New year

Hey, folks! My typing indicates that I'm back!

My December holidays were fantastic. Thanks to my wonderful grandmother's generosity via Amazon giftcard, I'll soon FINALLY own the 4-disc set of Barcelona! It should arrive sometime in the next week or so.

At the end of December, I went to see the ever-awesome Gunpowder Gelatine at Johnny D's. You guys, they played I want It All and they ROCKED IT! I mean, they rock everything, but that was probably the tightest I've seen them perform in general. Obi Fernandez got on stage before them, followed by a Van Halen cover band called Van Railin'. Try as I might, I'm not too into Van Halen, but I could appreciate Van Railin's' dedication and talent. I didn't stick around to see Power Of Love, but I'm sure they were excellent. Maybe next time!

Also, Allison dresses like John Deacon and that makes me ridiculously happy :-)

My New Year's Eve was also exciting since I got to spend it with my girlfriend. She was in London, UK last year having fun and getting me a Sixpence like Brian used to use as a guitar pick. This year, we listened to A Night At The Opera and played Cards Against Humanity while drinking hard cider. I typically don't drink, but yum. There were also cupcakes with pink frosting. And glitter. Glitter cupcakes. Damn delightful!

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