11 April, 2013

Gunpowder Gelatine and Bikini Whale

I went to Johnny D's in Davis Square to see the ever-awesome Gunpowder Gelatine on April 6th. The opening band was a B-52s cover called Bikini Whale. I'm not, by any stretch, a B-52s fan due to a retail-related, emotionally-scarring incident, but they were pretty excellent.

(Note, this is a different performance.)

Before that, though, I got to see the band walk in, give hugs, etc. and geek out with Allison and a friend (employer?) of hers. We discussed other tribute bands, Queen's Boston show in 1982, the Freddie Mercury biopic, etc. Usually they're really busy setting up so I can't say more than a few words to them, so it was really nice to have an entire conversation with at least one of them :-) Also, a REALLY hot (seriously, damn!) bartender didn't charge me for my soda (I'm not a big drinker)! I originally wanted to take pictures, and I brought my camera, but for some reason I always take embarrassingly bad pictures of their performances. But thankfully, Amanda Johnston, Allison's spouse, takes fantastic ones and gave me permission to use them :-) (thank you!)

When the show was posted on Facebook in March, I asked the band if I could put in a request for Spread Your Wings. The concert date was April 6, but April 5th is a significant anniversary for me. I figured they would play it and that would be the end of it, but they really went all out making me feel really appreciated and special. And John Doherty filmed the glorious moment (as well as many other songs)!!!

Yep, that's my shoulder and head :-)

Amanda tried her best to get this shot with her iPhone. I love it even if it is misleading about my body shape :-)

Yours truly with the shoulder bag :-)

So yeah! I had an excellent time even if I had to miss out on the company of my friend Katie. Next time!

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