22 September, 2013

Examiner says Daniel Radcliffe should play Freddie

... Er, well, they actually misspell it. But this article is pretty interesting. For one, I agree with the statement: Any biographical attempt to feature Mercury's life must not have an internal auto-censorship mechanism. A life lived must be portrayed without a PR touch up. Warts and all.

I realize this is controversial on my part, but if the biopic is ever going to happen, I'd rather it not be a total bastardization of Freddie. I've seen a made-for-TV movie about John Lennon that mainly focused on his life with Yoko, and his faults were massively downplayed. I don't want Freddie to be portrayed as a saint or a sinner. What I love about him - even more than any of his musical contributions to the world - was him. The man. The guy who didn't prance around on stage like a fucking god. The man who curled up on his couch once in a while to watch black-and-white films. I want to see Freddie's memory honored with dignity. Anything less or more than who he actually was on or off-stage would be a slap in the face.

Also, real quick? I'm getting fed up with the press giving Freddie crap for not announcing his AIDS status sooner (I can only seem to read the "who only revealed the fact that he was suffering from AIDS a short time before his death." as hostile and judgmental). Being HIV-positive, and/or gay, and/or trans, and/or gender fluid, and/or disabled, and/or a person of color, etc., for that matter, does not obligate one to be an ambassador or an educator to be put on display for others.

But anyway! I'm hoping that if Dan Radcliffe does sign on for the project, that the script do him justice. He's a great actor AND doesn't do that "no homo!" bullshit a lot of straight actors do when they play gay roles (On the Logo network some years ago, when Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are asked which of the scenes in Brokeback Mountain were their favorites to film: "the ones where I'm kissing/fucking [actress]! Obviously!" Yeah, dudes. We get it. Now shut grow up). And it's sad, in 2013, that that's so refreshing (Johnny Galecki is also that awesome).

At this point, it's hard to know what direction the biopic will take, and who's definitely cast. And while Harry Potter doesn't look like Freddie, he definitely has the capability to play him.

I'm just going to leave this... right... here.

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