20 October, 2013


Things to do tomorrow(!!!!):

11am - take the bus from Boston to NYC.
3:30pm - arrive in NYC and meet my counterpart/Queen soulmate/fellow Mercury Guru, Audrey, for the first time (she's, uh, kind of a badass), try not to cry.
7pm - meet Brian May, get his autograph, buy his book, try not to cry.
11pm - take the bus from NYC back to Boston.
3:30am - take a cab home because Boston's public transportation does not run 24/7. Count my blessings that I'll be missing Red Sox traffic (Go, Sox!)
4am - either stay up due to the excitement of the day, or pass out in my bed. Still haven't decided.

I can make no promises, but I'll be bringing a Gunpowder Gelatine flier that I'm hoping Brian will sign, and a button-down shirt my friend Toni gave me, so it will be like they're experiencing this magical day with me. And a hand-written letter for Brian, in case I won't be able to actually speak to him due to crying or whatever. I'm also still trying to figure out how to work Taylor's Fred-A-Thon smoothly into our conversation, per his request!

And then...

Halloween night, I'll be back at Johnny D's to see Gunpowder Gelatine! WAY too much to look forward to this month!

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