28 May, 2010

Do not get me started on Robbie Williams

There are collaborations that have happened over the years that I've really fucking hated questioned. 5ive (I'd rather listen to Rick Rubin's remix - which is saying A LOT!), Robbie Williams, Britney Spears with Pink and Beyonce (I do love me some Pink and Beyonce individually... but not Britney), so when I first heard of Brian May working with Kerry Ellis, my first thought was: "Who the fuck is Kerry Ellis?" because I'm uncultured and originally from the midwest.

I think I first heard her sing Who Wants To Live Forever sometime in the late 90's..? I have to admit, I turned off the recording after a few seconds because I couldn't handle someone else singing Queen (it was right around when Robbie Williams butchered WATC, so he's to blame for temporarily ruining other vocalists for me). But she was good! Better than Sarah Brightman, in my opinion!

And then I started listening to showtunes. Not that I'm a total queen about it, but there are some shows I like. Anyway, One of my roommates introduced me to the musical version of Wicked during one of our many heated card games ('Go Fish' and 'War' made us both verbally assault each other - but it was never serious). Of course, it was the version with Idina Menzel singing. Cut to about a year later when YouTube recommend I watch the live version of Defying Gravity with Brian May and I was completely sold!

So now Kerry Ellis has a new album coming out in September this year! And Brian's been contributing to it! Can you tell I'm pretty excited?

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