25 May, 2010

Ooh! Another compilation CD! Queen never releases those!

When I was ten years old, I got my first Queen CDs. Classic and News Of The World to be specific. From there, I made it my goal to collect as much merchandise as possible (I spent the first 19 years of my life in a city south of Chicago, so that task wasn't particularly easy). And despite that difficulty, I did. Hell, I even bought Greatest Hits III. And then for Christmas, I received The Platinum Collection even though I already owned all of those CDs! It was purely about expanding my collection.

As an aside, I somehow managed to find a copy of In Vision in a local record store... which was a HUGE deal because that's a Japanese import! Anywho...

I've since drawn the line. I mean, Greatest Hits - We Will Rock You is a bit much. It's the UK version of Greatest Hits with bonus tracks, I'm In Love With My Car, Under Pressure (Milton Keynes Bowl, 1982) and Tie Your Mother Down (also from Milton Keynes Bowl, 1982). I mean, I get that it was a promotional thing for the musical, but still... I'm not about to spend something close to $20 for something I both already own and will have no need to listen to.

And Stone Cold Classics... What the hell?! Anyway, when Absolute Greatest got released, I was determined to not buy it. It just screamed, "waste of money!" But then I checked out the Queen Online Store for kicks and it was like I was a brand new fan again!

I had to. I just had to order this!

It was the damn book that got me. It cost almost $70 but I have it to spare this one time. I probably won't be uploading either CDs onto my iPod, but my CD collection could use something new.

Oh, if Brian May or Roger Taylor happen across this: Can you get to work on Greatest Video Hits 3?

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