23 May, 2010

If you listen to Queen long enough, you learn the inner workings of Freddie Mercury's mind!

Seriously. Some people seriously believe they know exactly how Freddie might feel about ___ if he was still alive.

Queen + Paul Rodgers, Pink's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody To Love being performed on Glee, other Queen fans listening to music that's not Queen: FREDDIE WOULD HAVE HATED IT, SURELY!

Give me a fucking break.

It's one thing to hate some music because it just isn't your thing. It's fucking stupid to hate music and call it loyalty to your favorite band. The thing that massively sucks is that Freddie can't actually voice his opinion. Maybe he would have hated the collaboration with Paul Rodgers? Maybe he would have thought it was awesome? We will never know. And it shouldn't matter anyway.

It doesn't make me a lesser Queen fan to, say, eat meat when Brian May's a vegetarian. Or listen to Coldplay even though Roger Taylor has stated that he doesn't like their music.

It's like that infamous saying: If Freddie Mercury jumped off a bridge, are most Queen fans still obnoxious? The answer is yes.

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