24 May, 2010

I'm not a total dick

So I live in the greater Boston area, right? And any self-respecting queer person who even so much as visits absolutely must go to Diesel Cafe in Davis Square, Somerville. They're awesome. They're vegan-friendly. They treat queer patrons and staff well (at least I hope they treat their staff well). The staff people are hot. And usually they have art for sale. And for the record, I didn't make up that rule about queers having to go there at least once, nor do I have any kind of stake in pimping out Diesel. It's just a really awesome place with gender-neutral restrooms.

Last February, I went in - because I'm a self-respecting queer person - and the art on the walls was all musicians. I'm so fucking proud of myself for snapping a picture, because it wasn't up the next time I went in!

Is it a perfect painting? No. But you'd best believe I got super excited when I saw it! Some people carry pictures of their kids or pets in their wallets. I keep a picture of a picture of Freddie circa 1974 in my phone... because you never know when that kind of thing might come in handy.

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